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G656W – Jackleg Drill
Description Metrica Imperial
Type of perforadora for rock Perforadorasubterránea for rock
Version of perforadora for rock Rock hammer mounted pusher
Weight 22 kg 48.5 lb
Length 658 mm 25 7/8 inch
Air Consumption 48 l/s 102 cfm
Frequency of impact 2040 blows/min
Diameter of the piston 65 mm 2 17/32 inch
Length of career 59 mm 2 5/16 inches
maximum reaming diameter 76 mm 2 31/32 inches
Diameter of the hole 27 – 41 mm 1.06 – 1.61 inches
Size of the steel 22 x 108 mm 7/8 x 4 1/4 inches
Suitable pusher leg GMK-62K

G656W – Jackleg Drill

  • Its light weight allows to use as Perforadora of Dragging.
  • Good proportion between high penetration and low air consumption.
  • It has a robust mechanism of rotation of the bar of Rotation.
  • It can drill to a depth of up to 6 meters.
  • Production of perforation in quarry / dimension of rock industry.
  • Hole type blast (drill) and secondary perforation.
  • Good for gentle rock the semi-hard one
  • The control of the foot of advance is located on the same one.

GMK-62K – Pusher Leg

  • Simple connection
  • Source of control in the foot of advance
  • Perforation in production
  • It can drill to a depth of up to 6 meters.
  • Used in the industry of mining, construction and rock extraction.
GMK-62K – Pusher Leg
Description Metrica Imperial
Type of foot of advance Of cavidadúnica
Length of feeding 1300 mm 51 5/32 inch
Length extracted 3115 mm 122 5/8 inch
Length retracted 1815 mm 71 7/16 inch
Weight 17 kg 37lb
Diameter of the piston 53 mm 2 1/16 inch
Double acting No
Control of feeding of the foot Yes

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