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The G120F Drifter is a low cost as well as a highly versatile drill which is suitable for both underground and surface applications. It’s specially designed for long hole drilling, bench drilling and drifting with the hole of diameters of 51-89mm (2-2.5 in.). It comes with a variety of shank adapters making it highly versatile and is easily mountable of a vast range of drill legs. It comes with both air and water flushing options and is conveniently interchangeable depending on the needs of the operator.  It has a rifle-bar actuated rotation motor which has eight pawl sets, providing four for each direction and thus enabling rotation.

Description Metrica Imperial
Weight 70 kg 154 lb
Overall Length 780 mm 30 3/4 inch
Air Consumption 167 l/s 354 cfm
Working Pressure Max 7 bar 100 psi
Piston Diameter 120 mm 4 3/4″
Piston Stroke 65 mm 2 1/2″
Impact rate 35 Hz
Impact Power Max 7.2 kW
Rotation Speed 0 – 210 rpm
Hole diameter 48 – 76 mm
Drill Steel R32, R38, T38

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