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GS0032A – Sinker Drill

The GS502A Sinker Drill is the go-to pneumatic grill for various kinds of drilling operations. It has very low spare parts consumption as it has one of the largest piston diameters in class. The drill also consists of an advanced oiler lubrication system. It has a very low overall running cost as its air consumption is very low. The operator’s ease of use if enhanced with the help of throttle lever, combined blower, and T-handle. High penetration rates over an extensive period of time are assured due to a streamlined design and robust construction quality, keeping the maintenance cost to a minimum at the same time.

Description Metrica Imperial
Type of drilling machine for rock Drilling machine for surface
Weight 24.5 kg 54 lb
Length 560 mm 22 inch
Working Pressure 6 bar 87 psi
Air Consumption 48 l/s 102 cfm
Frequency Rate 2100 blows/min
Diameter of the Piston 67 mm 2 5/8 inch
Stroke length 51 mm 2 1/64 inch
Size of the steel 22 x 82.5 mm 7/8 x 3 1/4 inch

GS0032A – Sinker Drill

  • Holes up to 2″ diameter and 10 feet deep.
  • Highly effective in general excavation work, drilling, mining and quarry work
  • Forged Steel makes use on rough terrain possible
  • Piston pad to reduce impact.
  • Multi position controller for quick start of drilling.
  • using air removal function for continuous cleaning during drilling.
  • Integral oiler provides continuity with it
  • Air inlet swivel improves maneuverability.
  • swivel air inlet for better maneuverability.
  • Perforación productiva
  • For mining and construction
  • For the rock extraction industry…….Know more about product

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