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GEX117 – Breaker


The GEX117 is useful for heavy breaker situations. It’s low air consumption and low weight results in a high blow impact output. The drill has an integrated oiling system and is available in a variety of two shank sizes.

Description Metrica Imperial
Breaker type Standard
Breaker version Silenced
Weight 35 kg 77 lb
Length 740 mm 29 1/4 inch
Air Consumption 35 l/s 75 cfm
Impact Rate 1080 blows/min
Shank size Hex 32×160 mm Hex 1 1/4 x6 inch

GEX117 – Breaker

    • Low air consumption yet powerful
    • Hard hitting with somewhat lower impact rate
    • Can be used in toughest condition……..Know more about the products


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