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GS658L– Sinker Drill


The GS658L Sinker Drill is a low-cost pneumatic jackhammer and is well known for its high return on investment and is tailor-made to drill through hard faced rock, granite, bench drilling, quarry drilling and secondary holes for blasting. The risk of drill jamming is reduced by the means of built-in air flushing which removes drill chippings.  The drill enables a fast and convenient tool to change with the help of a robust kick-latch retainer.


Description Metrica Imperial
Type of drilling machine for rock Drilling machine for surface
Weight 24 kg 53 lb
Length 565 mm 22 7/32 inch
Working Pressure 6 bar 87 psi
Air Consumption 58 l/s 123 cfm
Revolutions 215 rpm
Penetration rate 425 mm/min
Hose connection 19 mm 23/32 inch
Frequency Rate 2040 blows/min
Diameter of the Piston 65 mm 2 17/32 inch
Stroke length 59 mm 2 5/16 inch
Size of the steel 22 x 108 mm 7/8 x 4 1/4 inch

GS658 – Sinker Drill

    • Built a fluidity of air system.
    • Extra fluidity for fast and efficient cleaning of the opening.
    • Designed for drilling with support, secondary drilling and smooth blast fluently
    • Ideal for work in limited spaces
    • Drills up to 6 m depth
    • Perforacion of quarry production / rock extraction industry.
    • Blast hole and secondary drilling……..Know more about the products


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