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GT250 SL – Stoper Drill


The GT250 Stoper Drill enables miners to drill upside-down in a vertical orientation while assuring minimum risk and effort and ensures desired productivity. The stoper leg attachment has a negligible effect on the high rate of penetration and still enables the drill to achieve high torque at low air pressures. It increases the life of the drill as well as ensuring the safety of the operator. There’s a push button to retract the stoper leg along with an adjustable motorcycle feed.


Stable and high performance and a long drill life are assured by major cylinder parts having large areas of contact which reduces impact pressure. It comes with a stainless-steel piston option which prevents corrosion and pitting for a longer life of the drill. For easy penetration through hard ground and an increased push, a 3-inch stainless steel leg cylinder is also available. It also comes with a steel puller for a collared steel standard.


Description Metrica Imperial
Rock drill type Underground rock drill
Rock drill version Standard
Weight 48.5 kg 101 lb
Length 787 mm 31 inch
Air Consumption 85 l/s 180 cfm
Impact Rate 2200 blows/min
Piston diameter 79.4 mm 3 1/8 inch
Stroke length 67.7 mm 2.625 inch
Shank size 22 x 108 mm 7/8 x 4 1/4 inch
Working pressure 6.2 bar 90 psi

GT250 SL – Stoper Drill

    • Superior power-to-weight ratio
    • Requires less maintenance
    • Low cost-per-foot performance
    • Available in several configurations
    • Maximum production in development and stoping applications
    • Precision leg controls
    • Lightweight design ………. Know more about the products


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