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G250 – Jackleg Drill


The G250 Jackleg Drill enables miners to drill in confined spaces at challenging orientations while delivering high penetration rate and strong torque even on low air pressure. This boosts the productivity and increases the life of the drill while also providing safety to the operator. The jackleg has an operating controller which is able to retract the pusher leg.

The pusher leg has large surface areas of contact between major cylinder components reduce impact pressure thus increasing product life while giving consistently powerful results. The pusher leg also comes with an option of a stainless steel piston rod to prevent corrosion and pitting and enhance the life of the pusher leg. They also come with a locking retainer for collared steel standard.

The G250 Jackleg Drill enables miners to drill in complex orientations with confined spaces while maintaining strong torque and high penetration rate even on low air pressure. The operator is provided safety while providing a boost in productivity and an increase in the life of the drill. The jackleg can retract the pusher leg with the help of an operating controller. The pusher leg reduces impact pressure as it has large surface areas of contact between major cylinder components, and it does not compromise on providing with consistent powerful results.


Description Metrica Imperial
Type of drilling machine for rock Underground drilling for rock
Drilling for rock version Rock hammer mounted pusher
Weight 41.3 kg 91 lb
Length 709 mm 27 9/10 inch
Working Pressure 6.2 bar 90 psi
Air Consumption 74 l/s 156 cfm
Frequency rate 2200 blows/min
Diameter of the piston 79.4 mm 3 17/32 inch
Stroke length 73.25 mm 2 7/8 inch
Size of the steel 22×108 mm 7/8 x 4 1/4 inch
Suitable pusher leg G755

G250 – Jackleg Drill

    • Final superior power
    • Requires less maintenance
    • Under cost for advanced standing
    • Available in various configurations
    • Maximum production development and support applications
    • Controlled precision leg
    • Lightweight design……… Know more about the products


G755 – Advance standing

Description Metrica Imperial
Stroke length 1295 mm 51 inch
Weight 15.5 kg 34 lb
Diameter of the piston 68 mm 2 21/32 inch
Push 230 kg @ 6.2 bar 506 lb @ 90 psi


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